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The Latest Info on Mimasaka-no-Kuni—Local Topics

gourmet Oranda-do

[Tsuyama City]

A Great Place to Rest and Relax while Exploring the Town


Natural cafe & gallery in Tsuyama Archives of Western Studies. We are proud of our home-roasted coffee, and the Japanese orchid set is a set of Dutch waffles and blended coffee. There is a delicious way to eat this menu.
Ask the shop staff.

  • Oranda-do    ☎ 0868-24-6288
  • 5 Nishishinmachi, Tsuyama City
  • 10:00~17:00
  • Monday (the next day if it is a national holiday) December 29-January 3

グルメ Yubara Onsen Dam Curry

[Maniwa City]

Curry made into a dam! A dam made of curry!?

Yubara Onsen Dam Curry

Dam curry is a local specialty created to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the completion of the Yubara Dam. The Yubara Onsen (Hot Spring) Dam Curry was modeled on Yubara Dam and the hot spring’s famous Sunayu (Sand Bath), which is known as the “Yokozuna (Grand Champion) of the West” and considered one of the best open-air hot springs in all of Japan. Made with carefully spiced soup stock, the curry’s roux is full of chicken mincemeat from locally raised Yubara chickens. You won’t find such a simple yet rich and full-bodied curry roux anywhere else. What’s more, the curry also comes with a soft-boiled hot spring egg! These are fresh local “Asahi no Kagayaki” eggs from chickens raised in Yubara. You can add the egg right into the curry roux if you like!! You can also mix it into the udon noodles!! Enjoy it however you like!

  • Restaurant Name: Usagiya
  • Tuesday
  • Yubara Sightseeing Information Center   ☎ 0867-62-2526

グルメ Wild Game Cuisine

[Mimasaka City]

Fresh Flavor Straight from Nature

Wild Game Cuisine

Made using only the highest quality venison and boar meat from animals hunted within Mimasaka City, local wild game cuisine is low-calorie and high in protein. You can enjoy the distinctive flavors of each ingredient used at any of the growing number of restaurants in town that serve wild game.

  • Restaurants Serving Wild Game
    Saisaijaya Michi-no-Eki (Road Station) (Myoken, Mimasaka City) Nishinoya Mimasaka (Nyuta, Mimasaka City)

グルメ Gyumochidon

[Shinjo Village]

A Unique Taste You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!!

Gyumochidon (Beef & Mochi Bowl)

Flavored with a sweet-and-salty soy sauce-based seasoning, this gyudon (beef bowl) comes piled high with beef and toppings. Using mochi (pounded rice cake) instead of rice, gyumochidon is made with “Hime no Mochi,” a local specialty of Shinjo Village renowned for its stickiness, firmness and sweetness. This unique dish brings out the delicious flavor of Shinjo Village’s “Hime no Mochi” for you to enjoy to your heart’s content.

  • Michi-no-Eki Gaisenzakura Shinjoshuku Roadside Station    ☎ 0867-56-2908
  • 2190-1 Shinjo Village
  • 10:00~17:00 (Weekends: 11:00~)

グルメ Shiawase Kobo

[Misaki Town]

First Came Raw Egg over Rice, Then Rice Gelato and Now the Latest Local Hit

Café & Bread Baking Classroom—Shiawase Kobo (Happy Workshop)

This café serves bread and pizza made with wheat flour from Tsuyama and rice flour from Misaki, freshly baked in a massive stone oven built out of the famous “Happy Yellow Bricks” of Misaki Town. The menu includes the tomato sauce-based Happy Pizza, the mayonnaise-based Happy Yellow Pizza, various types of bread, and more. The Bread Baking Workshop provides lessons every Friday and Saturday (with the exception of the fourth Saturday each month).

  • ☎ 090-8207-7089(9:00~18:00)
  • 2155 Harada, Misaki Town (within the Grounds of Misaki Municipal Central Athletic Park)
    (Next to “Shokudo Kamecchi” Raw Egg over Rice Shop)
  • 10:00~15:00
  • Year End/New Year, Thursday

グルメ OKUnoMA

[Kagamino Town]

After a Relaxing Dip in a Beauty Spa

Kagamino Satoyama Café “OKUnoMA”

Recently opened within the “Hanabijin-no-Sato” day spa resort at Okutsu Onsen (Hot Spring), Kagamino Satoyama Café “OKUnoMA” serves drinks made using local ingredients from Kagamino Town. Its menu includes “Mori no Shizuku (Forest Droplets) Iced Coffee,” “Satoyama Honey☆ Ginger” and “Kagamino Satoyama Smoothies,” which combine fresh vegetables grown in town with local honey from the Yamada Bee Farm.

  • Kagamino Tourism Society    ☎ 0868-54-7655
  • Inside the “Hana Onsen” in “Hanabijin-no-Sato” Day Spa at Okutsu Onsen (Hot Spring)
    (261 Okutsu Kawanishi, Kagamino Town)
  • Open Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Only (12:00~19:00)

グルメ Mt. Nagi Yama-no-Eki

[Nagi Town]

Now Serving “Nagi Beef”

Mt. Nagi Yama-no-Eki (Mountain Station)

Located at the foot of Mt. Nagi, this Yama-no-Eki (Mountain Station) features classrooms where you can practice hands-on arts and crafts, as well as souvenir shops selling local specialties, restaurants and cottages. There is also a wild flower park filled with lovely flowers that are sure to warm your heart from season to season. “Nagi Beef,” a local specialty of Nagi Town, and locally produced pork are also available for sale every week from 13:00 on Friday afternoon to 18:00 on Sunday evening.

  • Mt. Nagi Yama-no-Eki (Mountain Station)    ☎ 0868-36-8080
  • 591-1 Koen, Nagi Town
  • 9:30~18:00 (Dec.~Mar.: ~17:00)
  • Monday (Following Day If Monday a Holiday)

温泉 Awakura Onsen Motoyu

[Nishiawakura Village]

This year, the Village of Nishiawakura has added yet another wonderful spot!

Awakura Onsen Motoyu Hotspring

This April, Awakura Onsen Motoyu Hotspring opened its doors for the first time in almost three years, now providing a day spa service, guesthouse and café. The facility operator, Sonraku Energy, also provides district heating with an on-site firewood boiler. The facilities are designed to provide a pleasant space, with special attention given to food, utensils and décor. Awakura Onsen Motoyu has already become a popular spot for tourists and locals alike and is used by a wide range of people both young and old.

  • Awakura Onsen Motoyu    ☎ 0868-79-2129
  • 2050 Kageishi, Nishiawakura Village

体験 Okayama Farmers Market North Village

[Sho’o Town]

Full of Fun Things to Experience!

Okayama Farmers Market North Village

The Okayama Farmers Market North Village is an experience-oriented agricultural park that provides athletics facilities, a petting zoo and lodgings. Among the experiences available to try are hands-on classes in making bread, butter, sherbet or ice cream, as well as excursions to pick fresh strawberries and blueberries, horse riding and more.

  • Okayama Farmers Market North Village    ☎ 0868-38-1234
  • 1100 Oka, Sho’o Town
  • 9:00~17:00 (Summer Vacation: ~18:00)
  • Tuesday (Dec.~Feb.: Tuesday & Wednesday)

グルメ Citron Croquette

[Kumenan Town]

A Tasty Snack

Citron Croquette

Bringing together yuzu citrus fruits and potatoes (two local specialties of Kumenan Town), these croquettes contain fresh yuzu peels. These particular croquettes are closer to a snack than a side dish. They are Available for sale alongside fresh fruits and vegetables at Sansan Kumenan and at Uenocho Community Center on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.

  • Sansan Kumenan
  • 1367-1 Shimonika, Kumenan Town
  • 8:30~18:00 (Nov.~Mar.: ~17:00)
  • Uenocho Community Center
  • 546-3 Shimoyuge, Kumenan Town
  • 10:00~14:00 (2nd & 4th Saturday)